Gold Coast Circumcision

Gold Coast Circumcision - The Circumcision Procedure

We like to discuss the procedure beforehand, advising our patients about what to expect and to listen to their expectations. This is often done on a day prior to a scheduled surgery date but it is possible to schedule the consultation and surgery for the same day. My staff need to make appropriate scheduling for this and need to be clearly advised if you want same day surgery.

Generally the procedure is performed without complication but patients are advised of risks such as bleeding and haematoma, infections and removal of too much or too little skin, damage to the glans, changes in sensation or non pleasing aesthetics. Patients are advised to abstain from intercourse for six weeks to ensure adequate skin healing.

Shaving of the scrotum and pubic hair is performed pre-operatively. A consent form is provided for signature before surgery.

The surgical procedure is known as a sleeve technique. Many of our patients have encountered terms like high and low, tight and loose. These refer to the location of the cut or scar and the amount of skin removed. Almost all men request a low scar of medium tightness. This generally replicates the appearance of circumcision performed in infancy. Open discussion about your own style preference is encouraged.

The surgery itself will usually take an hour. A fine, skin coloured, absorbable stitch is used. Every endeavour is taken to ensure a good cosmetic outcome. I certainly see and revise circumcisions that have not provided a happy aesthetic outcome. Without proper attention it is possible to get significant scarring, irregular mismatched stitch lines, skin bridging and tunnelling, loose skin tags and overly tight or loose outcomes.

After the procedure the patient is bandaged firmly to reduce any bleeding prospect. This can result in some minor inconvenience with a slow urine stream and some dribbling. The bandage is removed after two days at the post-operative review. It is not unusual to see bruising and swelling but this will not influence outcome. Usually a further bandage is applied and the patient is asked to remove it themselves after a further two days. No further dressings are generally required but to help enhance the cosmetic result it is desirable to wrap the wound each day in a light crepe bandage to provide compression and support to the wound for several weeks post-op.

Most of my patients do not require post-operative pain relief but Panadol or Panadeine are most appropriate. Infection is uncommon and antibiotics are not used routinely. Generally erections are not as uncomfortable as anticipated but if the patient is fearful Sudafed 30 mg 3-4 times daily would diminish erectile function.

Telephone contact for advice is readily available.