Gold Coast Circumcision

Before Your Circumcision At Gold Coast Circumcisions

Dr Read performs circumcisions Monday to Friday from 8.30 am to 5.00 pm. You can have an initial consultation to discuss the procedure and arrange the circumcision for a subsequent date or all this can be performed on the same day.

If you proceed with circumcision you will need a kit containing a numbing cream and a second cream, Kenacomb for afterwards. Dr Read will apply the cream if you have the procedure on the same day as your consultation, otherwise you will need to apply this at home.

The numbing cream is applied to the entire penis and then wrapped in simple kitchen plastic wrap for 90 minutes prior to the procedure. Please use most of the tube to ensure adequate application.

Before surgery you are asked to sign a consent form and the baby is provided with an identification bracelet. The baby is taken and Dr Read with the help of his experienced nursing staff will perform the procedure. Your boy will be returned to you for comforting and feeding after the procedure and Dr Read will explain the post operative management.

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