Gold Coast Circumcision

After Your Circumcision At Gold Coast Circumcisions

The numbing cream works very well for the procedure and happily provides several hours of post-operative benefit. By this time the nerve endings are dead and the boys often experience little discomfort . Sometimes there can be some stinging from the urine on the glans or head of the penis. The glans can be a little raw for a couple of days in those boys where it is necessary to separate it for the circumcision. The post-operative ointment, Kenacomb is usually protective. Occasionally it is necessary to apply some numbing cream to the glans.

Kenacomb ointment should be applied 2-3 times daily. Apply it inside the ring around the glans and to the margin of the foreskin. A cotton tip can be used or direct application from the tube. Kenacomb provides lubrication, and protection against swelling and infection. In infants the ring will separate and fall off around day 3-7 just as the umbilical cord does. Older boys have thicker skin and separation can be delayed for a couple of weeks but don't be concerned about this. Continue using Kenacomb for a few days after the ring separates. Telephone if you have any concerns. A smear of blood may appear on his nappy but fresh bleeding should not occur after his circumcision. A little redness and swelling can occur in the penis with the normal healing process but will quickly settle after ring separation.

It is important to see your boy around 3 weeks after his circumcision. It is often necessary to separate some shaft skin from the head of the penis and discuss follow up with you. If this is not done skin can adhere to the glans and smegma can accumulate under this adherent skin. Smegma is a creamy liquid that is a mix of old mucus and dead skin cells. Smegma will always accumulate under the foreskin of the uncircumcised. It is one of the desirable benefits of circumcision that it will be easier to clean and not accumulate.

After any adhesions are separated you can give him a bath when you get home, cleaning the newly exposed area by swilling water around it or by gentle use of a cloth washer. Gentle drying of the area and applying Kenacomb for a few days is useful. After this simply keep the area clean and dry and it will be fine.