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Gold Coast Circumcision - Infants, Boys and Adult Circumcision

Dr Michael Read MBBS

Dr Michael Read MBBS

Gold Coast Circumcisions is operated by Dr Michael Read MBBS. For more than 25 years he has performed penile circumcision. Dr Read recognized the need to offer a dedicated, high quality male circumcision service to all age groups He has focused his surgical practice on performing infant circumcision, childhood circumcision, ADULT circumcision and vasectomy. The circumcisions and vasectomies are performed in his clinic without requirement for hospital admission for any age group.

At Gold Coast Circumcisions the operating rooms we have mean there are no hospital or day surgery costs. Baby circumcision and the circumcision of pre-pubertal boys are performed with minimal discomfort because of an effective pain relieving cream applied to the penis and foreskin. A Plastibell device is used for boys and babies.

ADULTS require a different procedure, but this is also free of significant pain during and after surgery. We make a determined effort to ensure our patients are comfortable throughout their operation and we receive many spontaneous positive comments about this.